Big Life Changes? Start with these 3 steps

Picture of a Bear that is used as Healing Helen's Spirit Sign when going through big life changes

Changes bring joy for a new beginning. They are filled with the excitement of the unknown and the chance to better ourselves and move into the next phase of our life. Changes can also your reset button on life, or better yet – the first time we are truly stepping into our purpose. They are also SCARY AF. I’d even say terrifying. When I find myself in a huge life transition –  I ask the Universe/Angels/God/Guides for a sign. A sign to show me that I am on the right path, a sign that encourages me to keep moving forward, a sign that lets me know that I am not alone in this and I am being divinely guided. My sign is a Bear. Yep – you read  that right. A big ass scary looking brown bear. 

Several years back I was going through some major life changes. My location, job, finances, home, are changed. I sold my house, moved across country, quit my job, started being a full time healer, got surprise pregnant with my second child – and so much more. It was a CRAZY ride. – Every time I would question myself, or get lost in the fear and drama of change – I would see my Bear. That always gave me the reassurance that I am on the right path and to keep moving forward.

I don’t mean I see an actual bear (although that did happen once which is another blog post!) but for example – I was having a really rough day and I went to buy some tea to relax. The person in line in front of me was wearing a bear t-shirt and because I was much shorter than the person – the bear print was staring me in the face. Another time I came downstairs from a sleepless worry filled night and randomly the television was on a bear documentary. 

Pick your sign and you’ll begin to see that your always supported and guided in the right direction

3 Steps to Pick Your Sign

  1. Pick your sign. Just pick one. Sometimes I try to assign different signs for different options. It doesn’t work. Just pick one sign and trust that it will show up when you need it to help you make a decision. Pick anything that you want. Animal, Object, Word…just pick something.
  2. Don’t look for the sign after you assign it. Ask for the sign and then release it. It will show up when it needs to and often looking for it will block you to the possibilities that could lie ahead. For example – our human brain is limited, and you’ll naturally be looking for the sign when your doing things that are your ideal outcome. Don’t limit yourself like that. Just trust that it will show up when the time is right.
  3. Be excited when it shows up. When I see a bear I instantly get filled with gratitude to the universe for letting me know I am doing ok. This raises my vibration to a higher frequency. The higher we go, the more easily life flows. Joy and gratitude is a super simple way to rise up. Showing those emotions when we see our signs is a sure way to keep moving.

Hang in there! Life changes aren’t easy, but remember – your never alone! Need some help? Book a Soul Reading today!

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