Intuitive Reiki

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The Benefits of Intuitive Reiki are powerful. The help you let go of the past, fill you with life energy, and being opening up your own spiritual gifts. When we are free to hit the reset button on life, we can start living the life of our dreams. I use distance energy healing to go back to past incidents and make wiser choices. We concentrate on forgiveness of others and self, and emphasis self love regardless of our transgressions. This is a life changing healing that heals clients from the inside out. I also receive many intuitive messages while giving Reiki. Be prepared to hear from your spirit guides, lost loved ones, and angels.

What Does This Cost: $120 for a 60 minute sessionHealing Helen Image Letting Go of the Past Page

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Book a Healing Session using our online booking system. You can have your healing session in-person or remotely. Don’t see a time that works for you? Give me a call or an email and we will try and work it out.