Akashic Healing

An Akashic Record Reading is a Reading for the Soul

Ready to experience the powerful healing of an Akashic Record Reading? As a Healer, my gifts have always given me the ability to tap into people’s souls and find out the meaning and purpose of people and events. The Akashic Records provide an amazing wealth of information that can lead to incredible healing and transformations.

What Is This: An Akashic Healing can be held either in-person, via WhatsApp, or on a phone call. During the session I visit your Akashic Records and relay information to you that can facilitate deep meaningful healing and change. The Akashic Records are a record of everything your soul has ever done and will do. We explore your purpose on this current life and past lives. We also look into the why’s of relationship and situations, and give you deep soul changing information.

Who Is This For: People who are ready for powerful answers. A person that is excited to take control of their life and begin healing. People who want to leave with deep insights and understanding and want to action steps to change their life.

Who Isn’t This For: Someone who is looking for a fortune teller, or any type of energy healing work.

What Does This Cost: 75 min: $140

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