Are You Ready to Stop Existing and Start Living? Try Intuitive Healing!

My speciality healing ability is deep Intuitive Healing for the soul. As women we spend so much time on our outside. Can you imagine how life changing it would be to spend that same amount of effort on the inside? That is where I come in! My mission for Healing Helen is to help women forgive and release old patterns, past trauma, and paralyzing fear – so my clients can unapologetically step into their purpose. Clients leave me more confident and free to add their own unique sparkle to the world.

Currently I am offering a variety of intuitive energy healing for my clients. This combination of tools gives me detailed insights into your soul, the ability to remove your energetic blocks, and leaves you with practical action items to move your life forward.

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I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve you and help you get to the next level in your life!

Healing Helen Specializes in Intuitive Healing Sessions