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Group of students in Psychic Development Course

I offer Psychic Development Courses for clients all over the world. Before I became a full time Healer – I was a Training Manager for 12 years. I worked for two major U.S. television companies (NBC and Discovery Communications) and at a large government contractor – who was employed by 94% of all U.S. Government Agencies. Through this experience, my in-person classes and e-courses have been taken by thousands of students all over the world. As a result, when I left my corporate america job to unapologetically step into my Healer role – I knew that I have to bring my teaching experience to topics I love!

I recently sat down with my guides and got a download of what and when I should teach. I can’t wait to be of service to you on your own spiritual path!


Class Day Information


  • All classes are conducted via Zoom video conferencing. You will automatically get everything you need to access the class once your register.
  • Classes are offered on the 1st. and 3rd Thursdays of every month. To accommodate my international client base – there will always be a class in the morning and the evening. (10am and 6pm Mountain Standard Time).
  • All classes cost $40 and last for 2 hours.
  • Each class is offered 4 times a year. They are offered once every quarter.
  • To register – click here and scroll down to the “Online Courses” section.


Course Information


  • Empath Problems: Creating Healthy Boundaries: Empaths attract wounded people to them – like moths to a flame. Opening up as a healer is an amazing thing but certainly creates stressful situations if you don’t set clear boundaries. This class teaches students how to identify a client vs a friend or love, how to project themselves when someone is trying to cross a professional line, how to charge what your worth for your gifts, and how to raise your vibration to avoid naysayers and skeptics.
    • Oct 4th @ 10am MST
    • Oct 4th @ 6pm MST


  • Empath Problems: How to Do Self Care: Being an Empath means your a magnet for the energy of other people, locations, animals….the list goes on. It is imperative that Empaths learn self care rituals. Learning this helps avoid depression and exhaustion. This also helps with going places that carry a lot of energy – like concerts, the grocery store, or an amusement park. Students will leave the class with a strong understanding of how to use self care as a way to nature their empathic gifts.
    • Oct 18th @ 10am MST
    • Oct 18th @ 6pm MST


  • The Art of Forgiveness: This 2 hour class will help students master the Art of Forgiveness. Holding the trauma that others have caused us can lead to many diseases, depression, and unhealthy relationships. It’s time to unload the burdens of others that you’ve been carrying. This class teaches you how to use Forgiveness as your Superpower, how to move forward without forgetting but working with your trauma in order to have a lighter brighter heart.
    • Nov 1st @ 10am MST
    • Nov 1st @ 6pm MST


  • Empath Problems: Toxic Cord Cutting: We create cords with everyone and everything we meet. Sometimes these are harmless, sometimes they are loving like to our children. However sometimes they are toxic. This course teaches students how to cut the toxic cords to old relationships, friends, family and old workplaces or schools. Students will learn how to cut all of the cords or only the toxic cords if they need to coexist in the world with those people and/or things.
    • Nov 15th @ 10am MST
    • Nov 15th @ 6pm MST


  • Psychic Mama’s Raising Psychic Kids: A 2 hour class for Mama’s who want to raise their psychic children in a way that is supportive to their gifts. Among other things – we will cover how to protect in school and public, how to react to spirits, and how to make your home a safe place for learning and experimenting.
    • Dec 6th @ 10am MST
    • Dec 6th @ 6pm MST


  • How to Be Psychic in a 9-5 Job: Once you have opened up to your spiritual gifts, working a 9-5 can be so difficult because your soul knows that your meant to do much more. However your bills and lifestyle require you to stay employed while you build your Soul Mission from the ground up. This class teaches students how to survive a 9-5 job – while working on their mission.
    • Dec 20th @ 10am MST
    • Dec 20th @ 6pm MST


  • Beginner Psychic Workshop: Are you just opening up to your gifts? This class presets a safe place online to learn, grow and open with other initiatives. We cover the basics of projection, grounding, meeting your spirit guides, trusting your intuition, and discovering the type of Psychic you are.
    • Jan 3rd @ 10am MST
    • Jan 3rd @ 6pm MST


  • Make Your Intuition Your Management SuperPower: Some of the best managers, Dr’s, and therapists I know – rely on their intuition to make their management decisions a step above the rest. In this 2 hour class we discover how to use your unique intuitive gifts to catapult your management style, how to use empathy combined with common sense, and mediation to use excelarate your business plan.
    • Jan 17th @ 10am MST
    • Jan 17th @ 6pm MST